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Six Feet

"My little rough dog and I
Live a life that is rather rare.
We have so many good walks to take
And so few hard things to bear;
So much that gladdens and recreates,
So little of wear and tear."

"Sometimes it blows and rains,
But still the six feet ply
No care at all to the following four
If the leading two know why.
'Tis a pleasure to have six feet, we think,
My little rough dog and I."

"And we travel all one way;
'Tis a thing we should never do,
To reckon the two without the four,
Or the four without the two.
It would not be right if anyone tried,
Because it would not be true."

"And who shall look up and say
That it ought not so to be,
Tho' the earth is Heaven enough for him,
Is it less than that to me?
For a little rough dog can make
A joy that enters eternity!"

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