Dog And Canary

[Nov. 20, 1880.]

I was much interested in the account of the friendship that existed

between the young retriever and the donkey whom he released by gnawing

the rope. The little incident I send of another retriever may also

interest your readers. A friend of mine had a pet canary, while her

brother was the owner of a retriever that was also much petted. One day

the canary escaped from the house, and was seen flying about the grounds

for a few days, and when it perched was generally on high elm-trees. At

last it vanished from view, and this dear little pet was mourned for as

lost or dead. But after the interval of another day or so, the

retriever came in with the canary in his mouth, carrying it most

delicately, and went up to the owner of the bird, delivering it into her

hands without even the feathers being injured. Surely nothing could

illustrate more beautifully faithful love and gentleness in a dog than