Dog Consciousness

[Nov. 2, 1872.]

Our terrier Crib took upon himself yesterday to add his testimony to

your view of "dog-consciousness," as expressed in the Spectator of the

19th ult. Crib verges on perfection, save that he is frantically jealous

of any other animal who may receive attention, but yesterday he rebelled

against the injustice of being compelled to eat all his dinner, and

refused to swallow one special piece o
bread; but finding that his

refusal was not accepted, apparently made a virtue of necessity, and

gulped down the bread with a look and wag of the tail, giving me to

understand that I ought to be satisfied, which I was not, as I observed

a slight swelling in one cheek. So concealing my suspicion I furtively

watched. Crib also occasionally eyed me, lying down and then walking

round the room, and sniffing in the corners, as he is wont to do. In a

few minutes, and when I appeared safely absorbed in my paper, he made

his way slowly to where pussy was lapping her saucer of milk; passing

her without stopping, he cleverly discharged the hated mouthful into

pussy's milk, and continuing his walk to the rug, laid himself down and

slept the sleep of the just.

C. S.