Dog And Kittens

[July 1, 1893.]

The following story may, perhaps, interest some of your readers:--Willie

is a small, rough-haired terrier, a truculent and aggressive character,

the terror of tramps, in a skirmish with one of whom he has lost an

eye. He rules the kitchen with a rod of iron, the inmate there admiring

and fearing him. Next to tramps, Willie hates cats; he has been flogged

again and again for chasing the nei
hbour's "Tom"; nothing can stop him

rushing at the alien cat, however. But for his own domestic "Tabby" he

has tolerance and a certain amount of affection; if another dog were to

attack her, dire would be the warfare. A while ago, this cat had three

kittens; two were taken by the maid and placed in a bucket of water, and

left to their fate. Before that fate had come Willie perceived them; he

snatched them from the bucket one by one, and carried them to his

kennel. The maid attempted to get them away, but Willie flew at her with

fury, and then returned to lick first one and then the other, to shove

them up together, and lie down near them, and in every way to give the

poor half-dead things a chance. This went on for some time; but when at

last there was no sign of breath, and he saw that they were hopelessly

dead, he marched out of the kennel, shook himself, and indicated to the

maid that she might now proceed to bury them, that they were past

intelligent treatment. He treats the remaining and living kitten with

the indifference of the scientific for the normal.

L. H.