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All About The Bobolink Or Ricebird

Male arrives north middle of May.--Female comes some ten or twelve days
later--travel generally by night and in flocks.--Flies south from
August to October.

Song is most musical and sweet, expressing joy and careless
happiness--the song of the female is but a short, sweet "Chink,
chink."--While the young are being cared for, the male does not sing as
he does earlier in the season, but takes up the plaintive "chink" of
his mate.

Male in spring is black with pale yellow markings on back and wings and
tail. Yellow spot on back of neck--a patch of white on breast and
other white markings.

Female pale yellow beneath--upper parts generally brown--two dark
stripes on top of the head. In autumn plumage of male resembles female.

Nest of grasses well hidden by thick leaves and stems.--Usually built
in clump of grasses and always on the ground and very shallow.

Eggs are pale blue with dark brown spots.--Four or five in
number.--Young birds when fully feathered are so alike that in a flock
young cannot be distinguished from old.

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