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All About The Meadow Lark

Usually resident--sometimes goes south in late October, returning in

Song--a very beautiful sweet, clear whistle--heard in the early spring
and in the autumn--usually quite silent during brooding season.

Female much paler in colour than male. General colour brown streaked
with brown and black and cream--breast and throat yellow--conspicuous
black crescent on breast--brown streak on head appearing to run through
the eyes--tail feathers edged with white, which is seen most plainly
when bird is in flight.

Food--seeds, insects, larval insects, also swallows gravel to aid in

Nest made of grasses--built on the ground amid tall grass or
grain--usually quite skilfully hidden and arched or roofed over in a
very ingenious way.

Eggs--four in number--about an inch and an eighth in length, a pure
white, speckled with brown.

Greatest danger from snakes and field-mice.

Meadow lark is not really a lark, but belongs to the blackbird family.

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