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All About The Chicken-hawk

Voice--sharp, harsh, discordant cries--queer "whistling" noises.

Upper parts brownish black mixed with white--throat and under tail
coverts white--other under parts having darker markings.

Bill--short, curved, and very sharp.

Claws--strong, curved, and very sharp,--middle toe longest.

Wings--long and pointed--made for rapid flight and long journeys.

Female larger than male.

Food--other smaller birds of the air--small ducks and
chickens--occasionally larger insects, snakes, etc.

Nest in the fork of a tree--made of crooked sticks and lined with
leaves, bark, etc.

Eggs--two to four in number, bluish white, thickly speckled with brown.

Iris in young bird's eyes yellow--turning to reddish brown with

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