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All About The Kingfisher

Comes north in early March--remains until December, often throughout
the year.

Song--harsh, discordant, laughing chuckle or rattle--never musical.

Upper parts blue--wings and tail with white markings--lower parts white
with two blue bands across breast--bluish tinge on sides--a white spot
in front of each eye.--Head large and crested--bill longer than
head--feet small.

Food--principally fish which it obtains by diving and kills by striking
against a tree if large, or swallows alive if small.--This food
supplemented by larger insects, shrimps, etc.

Nest--tunnelled out of bank--six to eight feet deep--at the extreme end
of tunnel is the nest made of fish-bones and scales.

Eggs--pure white--four to six in one brood.

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