All About The Raven

Three times the size of robin.

Does not migrate, but is usually resident in the place where it can

best provide for itself and family.

Is glossy black in colour, with gleams of purple and green

above--duller underneath.

Flies in wide circles high above the tree-tops, and utters a weird,

uncanny cry, which has given it the name of being a bird of ill omen,

and to many people the cry of the raven is deemed a sign of approaching


Nest very compactly built of sticks and grasses and lined with wool

from sheep's back. Nest is used year after year, being often relined

and made habitable.

Young when first hatched are black and white--they however change to

entire black in a very short time.

Food of the raven is varied, apparently anything edible which comes in

his way--grain, seeds, grubs, worms, field-mice, fruit, are found on

his menu.