All About The Woodpecker

Comes north in May--often stays all winter--most commonly seen in the


Song--shrill, lively call resembling the voice of the tree-frog.

Male and female have crimson head and neck--upper parts black with

white marking--white band across wings--most conspicuous when bird is

in flight.

Lower parts white--bill wedge-shaped, strong, and sharp--tail strong

and stiff, used as a brace when clinging to a tree-trunk and tapping

with bill--toes arranged two in front and two behind for better support

in clinging to tree trunks, etc.

Young birds resemble the parents, except that in colour they are a

mottled gray.

Food is largely fruit--green corn, nuts, and larval insects procured

from tree-trunks.--Sometimes stores away nuts, etc.

Place chosen for nest is usually a rotting tree, which is easier to

bore.--Hollow from fifteen to eighteen inches deep.--Eggs pure white,

generally six in number.