Chilly Little Chickadees

Chilly little chickadees,

Sitting in a row,

Chilly little chickadees,

Buried in the snow,

Don't you find it very cold

For your little feet?

Don't you find it hard to get

Anything to eat?

Hungry little chickadees,

Would you like some bread?

I will give you all you want,

Or some seed, instead,

Anything you like to eat

I will give you free,

Every morning, every night,

If you come to me.

Jolly little chickadees,

Have you had enough?

Don't forget to come again

When the weather's rough.

Bye, bye, happy little birds!

Off the wee things swarm,

Plying through the driving snow,

Singing in the storm.

[1] From "Songs and Games for Little Ones," by permission of Oliver

Ditson Company, owners of the copyright.