It was very early in the spring. The sun rose, stayed for only a

moment above the horizon, and then sank again from the sight of Eskimo


But already huge icebergs broke from the shore and floated out to sea.

Already the icy winds hurried away farther north. Already a few of the

bravest birds were returning for the summer season.

It happened that a whole family of Eskimo children r
n shouting and

laughing along the top of a cliff which overhung the sea.

The older ones cared for the little ones. All were as happy and

thoughtless as children could be. In their glee they took off their

boots and ran with bare feet.

Now below the cliff on the ice waited some Eskimo hunters. They

watched the huge cakes of ice farther out break off and float away.

They knew that soon the ice nearer shore would crack and float off in

the same manner.

They knew also that when the shore ice cracked the seals would rise and

push their noses out of the water for air.

The hunters, therefore, sat for hours upon their three-legged stools,

waiting with ever-ready spears.

The children, not seeing the hunters, ran more noisily among the high

rocks of the cliff.

At last with a booming sound the ice cracked and spread apart. The

water gushed up and spread lightly over the ice. The hunters waited


It was but a moment before the brown nose of a seal appeared. The

hunters lifted their spears to strike. But at that instant came a

wilder shout from the children and the brown nose of the seal


"Oh," cried the hunter, angrily, "I wish the cliff would topple over on

those noisy children!"

Hardly were the words spoken when with a great clash the cliff did

topple over. As the falling stones rattled about him the hunter heard

the shrieks of the children.

Neither the hunters nor the children were ever again seen in the

village. But the next day some birds with pink wet feet ran about

among the stones at the foot of the cliffs. As they ran they made

strange cries which sounded half like children's laughter.

"Listen," say the Eskimo people, when they hear the sea-pigeons cry,

"Listen to the voices of the little children who shouted so loud that

they frightened away the seals!"

"Look!" cry the Eskimo children, when they see the pink feet of the

sea-pigeons, "those are the cold, bare little feet of the Eskimo

children who ran and shouted on the cliffs above!"