All About The Robin

One of the first birds to return in the spring--migrates north early in

March--sometimes remains during winter--stays north as late as October

or November.

Domestic--generally preferring to live near the home of man.

Song--though short and always the same is in tone wonderfully

expressive of happiness, love, anger, or fear, as the case may be.

Black head--wings and tail brown--
ouches of white on throat--entire

breast a rusty red.--Female duller and paler in colouring, growing

almost as bright as the male in the autumn.

Food--principally insects and worms--does not disdain fruit, berries,

cherries, etc., but prefers insect food--a ravenous eater.

Nest--outer layer composed of sticks, coarse grasses, etc., seemingly

rather carelessly arranged--on this the rather large round nest is

woven with grasses--plastered with mud--lined with softer grasses.

Eggs--greenish blue--four in number--young have black spots on

breast--generally two broods reared in a season--sometimes three.